About Us



Triad Athletics is one of the newest All Star cheerleading gym in the Twin Cities. We are excited to offer competitive and recreational teams, along with specialty classes! All options are open to boys and girls, ages 3-18. 

The gym name “Triad Athletics” originates from the 3 pillars on which each team will stand.

WISDOM-This means understanding how to thrive in this sport through knowing and understanding the rules and learning why and how to properly progress their skills. Triad Athletics also rewards those athletes that excel scholastically. Athletes that qualify to be “Honors Athletes” will be given additional opportunities and recognition.

STRENGTH-To succeed in any sport, athletes must have strength in both mind and body. At Triad Athletics athletes will learn the proper conditioning and technique to build their body strength. Athletes will also learn to trust and build confidence in one another through teamwork. Cheerleading is a true team sport. No part is more important that the whole. Each member must contribute their individual abilities to thrive as ONE TEAM!

BEAUTY-Triad athletes are beautiful both inside and out. Our outward beauty is reflected in our technique, uniformity and performance. Our inward beauty is reflected in how we treat ourselves, our team and EVERYBODY else. It is easy to be kind to friends, but we encourage our athletes to remember to treat everyone with respect, including themselves. To Triad Athletics nothing is more beautiful than confidence in yourself and pride in each other!



10828 Normandale Blvd

Bloomington, MN 55437




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